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Crisp Production And A Joyful Vibes - Jeff Radi’s ‘Hello Hello’ Is A Must-Listen This Christmas

After spending two weeks cooped up at Five Points Recording studio in Alabama, Milwaukee-based musician Jeff Radi has finally released his highly anticipated album, ‘Hello Hello’.

It’s a mixed bag of feel-good, love-riddled classic rock and country songs that lighten up the mood just in time for the festive season. ‘Hello Hello’ has five songs, each of which bring a smile to the listener and a spring to their step - no matter how young or old you are.

Tracks like Hello Hello are heavily influenced by the classic rock era - you’ll be playing your air guitar to this one in no time.

Meanwhile, Redemption Boulevard has the characteristics of a country ballad, with a downbeat tempo and piano passages that will make for some great Sunday afternoon listening with friends and family.

The production on this album is beyond excellent, with producer and engineer Justin Miller justifying why it was worth spending two weeks in Alabama to record this album.

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