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Cross-Channel Music’s Supercharged ‘Butter On Hot Toast’

There is no music project that I am more excited for than Cross-Channel Music’s upcoming album ‘Man In A Dream.’ ‘Bygone Days,’ which was their previously released single, was a fun, bouncy track that got really heavy play on my car speakers. Now they have released the honkytonk anthem that is ‘Butter On Hot Toast.’ The goofy title pairs perfectly with the greasy, rowdy charge of the music. From beginning to end, this single is their best yet. At least until the album drops in October.

The first half of the single sounds like early Elvis. It rocks along with a ton of energy and personality. The guitars have so much rhythm and force that I almost forgot that there were no drums on the track. The background electric guitars are melodious and give the single a supercharged energy that makes this single irresistible.

There are always plenty of Indie bands out there to listen to and enjoy, but not many that are as exciting and enjoyable to listen to as Cross-Channel Music. I think their new album will prove that point even further.

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