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Crosstik starts the party on the hyper physicality of “Jingle Keys”.

Crosstik - Jingle Keys

Crosstik starts the party on the hyper physicality of “Jingle Keys”. Production here is flawless for they engage the whole body. With a club-like atmosphere taking over, they imbue a bit of the fantastic into the mix. Some of the gestures included within it add to the arena-quality of the work. A tropical flavour lends it a summery atmosphere. Beyond the obvious debt to house music, they bring together pieces of rock, hip-hop, even industrial into the fray. Nods to groups like the Chemical Brothers are perhaps unavoidable for they go for that same massive “shoot for the stars” aspect of the sound.

They waste no time as the beat hits and it hits hard. From this singular beat all else flows. Bass lines here rumble gaining a force of nature aspect to them. Sprinkled throughout the track are small samples that help to give it a nice bit of realism to the otherwise surreal intensity of the piece. Melodies do emerge but these prove to be secondary in service of the overall beat. Within the scope of the sound, they make sure that the urgency of the groove never lets up. Quite stylistically, when they do incorporate some ambient glimmers and chords, it further adds to the sense of chill that the song provides amply. For the final stretch it still refuses to let up, and indeed cuts out rather than fades out, making it a rather nice addition to any DJ set.

“Jingle Keys” shows off the beauty of Crosstik’s incredible flair for creating an infectious groove that moves the body.



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