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DALT’s “Untitled (feat. Ben Seltzer)” goes for a classic swagger on this done dirty lo-fi R&B.

DALT - Untitled (feat. Ben Seltzer)

DALT’s “Untitled (feat. Ben Seltzer)” goes for a classic swagger on this done dirty lo-fi R&B. Sounding like a long-lost pop gem, there is a degree of soul that gets poured into the whole thing. The instruments have a dusty cadence for they roll on through with their own patient, persistent tempo. Everything within it has a layered approach. Melodies intermingle with the groove making sure that there is a fully realized beauty about it. By far the highlight of the work comes from the uncanny presence of the vocals which have depth to them. Lyricism has a joyous aspect for there is a lot of love poured into each verse. Intricate the song wraps itself around the listener thanks to the sheer attention to detail.

The song starts off on a high note, featuring a great deal of delicacy to them. All of it seems to get woven into this vast tapestry. His vocals swim on through the entirety of the work. Quite easy to get lost in, the atmospheric elements of the piece seem to swim on by. Careful to a tee, the song seems to neatly draw from a recent resurgence of interest within that 70s R&B golden sound. Done with dignity there is a reflective cadence to all of it one that has a fully earned aspect to it. By the final stretch the song seems evaporates away.

“Untitled (feat. Ben Seltzer)” shows off DALT’s uncanny understanding of dynamics, resulting in a track that feels old yet new again.


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