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Damn Renegades rage through on the tremendous blurred speeds of “Conscience”.

Damn Renegades – Conscience

Damn Renegades rage through on the tremendous blurred speeds of “Conscience”. Volume is a given for there is a wildness about it. Feral energy radiates on throughout. The vocals have a commanding presence to them. Layer upon layer features a great amount of detail to it. Guitar riffs feature a great distortion to them. Within the balance there is a bit of a playfulness to it. Beats bounce off each other making sure to create a wonder to it, for there is a geometric presence to it. Stylistically they bring a great mix of punk, pop, hard rock, thrash, and more into it.

No time is wasted for they dive deep into the sound immediately. Virtually teeming with life, the song has a mind of its own. Drums are pushed right into the breaking point for the rhythm stumbles over itself. Guitars gesticulate with fury filled with fire. Above all of this din are those lyrics that seemingly rise above the rest making sure that there is a clarity that they trade in, one that constantly is searching for a focus of sorts. Within the sound they double-down on everything. That initial chaos becomes even more potent for they speed through with reckless abandon. Going deep into the inner workings of the mind the song has a thoughtful, contemplative quality about it despite some of the most animalistic impulses at work within the overall colossal mix.

“Conscience” features an intensity to it, showing off the impeccable chops of Damn Renegades.



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