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Daniel Barrie lets it all loose on the classic folk rock of “The One”.

Daniel Barrie - The One

Daniel Barrie lets it all loose on the classic folk rock of “The One”. Beyond these reference points, elements of the blues, big band, and dream pop filter into the mix. His voice truly carries it all sung with confidence. The rhythms punctuate the power of his words. Organ swells do a wonderful job in anchoring the whole of the experience for there is an intrinsic delicacy to the way it all shapes up. Delicate in all the right ways a degree of vulnerability emerges with each additional cycle. Layers intermingle, playing off each other’s strengths to craft a world that has so many tender tones. Production adds to the vulnerability of the work for it has a polished poise to it.

Coming out swinging a lot of style enters into the equation. Interplay amongst the band has a spirited presence. Nods to Bob Dylan’s work appear throughout, for Daniel is quite a gifted storyteller. Everything about it gets started in an inviting way. Done with such dignity the song goes for the stately as it unfurls. The drums have a power to them, gentle, compassionate, and guiding the song along. Lyricism further emphasizes the approachability of the piece, for the verses intermingle in a way that adds to its majesty. For the final stretch the many elements come together adding to the thoughtfulness of the piece, especially as it comes to a well-deserved close.

“The One” revels in Daniel Barrie’s undeniable ability to deliver a sound that simply stuns with its feel-good vibes.



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