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Darcy’s performance lingering in the mind long after the track has ended.

Darcy - Black Hole

The dark sense of beauty that emerges on Darcy’s “Black Hole” feels outright palpable. Aptly named, Darcy takes cues from Fiona Apple’s confessional, vulnerable oeuvre. Vocals here have an emotionally fraught quality to them for every verse is balanced for outright maximum impact. Her deft storytelling serves as the main focal point of the entirety of the piece from which all else flows. With the rest of the arrangement sort of swirling around her in a dream-like haze, it gains a sense of timelessness about it that feels quite regal to behold.

Her voice introduces the track on a high note. Piano cascades downwards as it has a great dramatic flourish to it, one whose repetition and pattern evolves ever so carefully. The song has a noir-like jazz cadence to it for they allow a great deal of patience into the proceedings for the true soul of the sound rests with the power of her voice. Sung with such pathos every word is chosen with the greatest of care as an entire world comes into focus. Instrumentally it is a dense mix as well for it all swirls about in a blissful hue. For the final stretch she lets all these many influences come together, as the guitar starts to sing soaring right up into the sky as the rest of the track gradually fades out in a way that has a yearning sensibility to it.

“Black Hole” proves to be a powerful work with Darcy’s performance lingering in the mind long after the track has ended.



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