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Dave Webb rips on through with a sheer force of nature on “The World Stopped Turnin"

Dave Webb - The World Stopped Turnin'

Dave Webb rips on through with a sheer force of nature on the intensity of “The World Stopped Turnin’”. Guitar work truly rests at the very centre of it all. Riffs run on through with a ferocity. Vocals too possess their own sheer wildness, as there is a feral quality to the way every verse is brought into the fray. Drums further add to the work making sure that they cement the overall spirit. Over the course of the piece there is a journey to be found.

Right from the beginning they hold nothing back from the listener. A great power is unleashed upon the listener allowing it all to go on further. Every single thing has a keenness to it, for the interplay on the sound absolutely stuns. Full of great colour they bring together bits of metal, hardcore rock, all with a bit of pop. By balancing the rest of the atmosphere together there is a full rich approach to the piece. With such a churning groove to it the beast of the sound. Various different elements go together making sure there is a magical presence to it. Full of the wildness of the track has a wide-eyed, feral presence about it. Nor does it ever let up much, they keep that great degree of aggression.

“The World Stopped Turnin’” has a grandeur to it proving Dave Webb to be a master of sound sculpting, as it is easy to get lost in the heady spin of the mix.



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