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David Ost’s “Ants (Acoustic)” has a raw grit and soul to its intimate dynamic.

David Ost - Ants (Acoustic)

David Ost’s “Ants (Acoustic)” has a raw grit and soul to its intimate dynamic. Akin to being in the room with him, there is a tactile presence to every gesture that graces the sound. The guitar playing has a fierceness to it serving as the perfect counterpoint to his voice. Vocals have a lived-in quality to them for they convey an entire lifetime that has passed on by. Folk, country, pop, these all come together all without a single drum in sight. By keeping things to the essentials, they opt for a spirit that is outright intense, a true blissful experience.

From the first moment the mood is set, one of a stark and radiant beauty. The force with which he plays has an allure to it, one that gives it a defiance about it that rises on up over the course of the journey. Lyricism has a poised professional quality to it for he makes sure to hold nothing back. Despite the acoustic nature, there is something physical about it, maybe it is the unadorned reassuring croon of his voice or simply the gorgeous guitar work that accompanies him. Either way, the song touches upon a meditative aspect one that has a dreamy disposition to it for the word choice seems to reflect upon an entire full experience rich in detail. Cyclical guitar riffs further add to this soothing, calming presence about it.

“Ants (Acoustic)” features the tender spirit of David Ost in recollecting an entire experience akin to speaking to a friend.



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