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Dax brings a hardcore rap attitude to holiday music with “Grinch Goes Viral”.

Dax - Grinch Goes Viral

Dax brings a hardcore rap attitude to holiday music with “Grinch Goes Viral”. From the warped usage of the samples to the hit of the beat, it all works. Best of all are those lyrics that cut to the bone. With a very smart series of astute observations about the world of social media, the whole going viral phenomenon and more, there is a deep insight. The track captures the oddity that is the world at this precise moment one that constantly feels as if it is chasing the next big thing. Roping in that classic Christmas character of the Grinch helps to give it a delirious, playful disposition to it.

Things start up with a degree of elegance as the Nutcracker sample sets the tone. A degree of demented playfulness enters into the fray. His voice immediately takes front and center stage of the entire affair for he holds absolutely nothing back. Indeed, over the course of the track he doubles-down on the uninhibited flow, letting the verses cascade in a crazed fashion. So the trap beats become heavier and heavier with each reiteration making sure that nothing is held back. Not dealing with subtle shifts at all the piece burns through its duration helping to give it that right amount of freewheeling spirit. Bass too rumbles with a force of nature like persistence.

“Grinch Goes Viral” shows off the fire and fury of Dax in crafting a Christmas song that has a lot of visceral intense energy behind it.



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