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Death Of A Legend offers an intense, heavy hard rocking sound with the joyous “Cruel Summer”.

Death Of A Legend - Cruel Summer

Death Of A Legend offers an intense, heavy hard rocking sound with the joyous “Cruel Summer”. Their bombastic take feels truly communal for they explore a great degree of interplay. Full of sheer vigor they hold absolutely nothing back. Over the course of the track there’s a distinct 80s hair rock ethos about it for they bang on through with such glee. A certain summery, almost southern Californian surf rock element enters into the fray further adding to the charm of the piece. By far though the highlight comes from the vocals which truly bring everything together in a living, breathing fashion. This sense of life propels the song forward.

Buildup does not exist for they rush right out of the gate. Drums hit with a feral energy and the rest of the band follows along. Layer upon layer enters into the fray for the sound becomes supersaturated. Playing this loud is a must for theirs is a physical sound, one that screams at the top of its lungs. Everything about it is a blast and there’s a sense of playfulness that interjects itself into the very churning heart of the beast. Done with the greatest amount of care, the slow movement towards a greater level of chaos reaches its fevered peak in the incredible finale, where they seem to completely let go and devolve into something which sound completely free.

“Cruel Summer” shows off Death Of A Legend’s impeccable chops in crafting a universe that is truly enthralling.



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