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“Death’s Melody” proving Fang Su to be one of the most cryptic and eerie rappers out there today.

Fang Su - Death's Melody

A purely visceral horror takes hold “Death’s Melody” proving Fang Su to be one of the most cryptic and eerie rappers out there today. Holding absolutely no detail back, the flows feel akin to a Saw movie embracing hip-hop. The usage of the delicate sample alongside the outright graphic brutal descriptions is a particularly nice touch. Fortunately, too the whole arrangement makes sure to put that lyricism front and centre, for there is a timeless, even tasteful way that the production shines on through. His lyrical mastery is one of pure, sheer, unflinching darkness into the evilest of impulses. By balancing all of this together he makes sure that the listener is completely unable to get away from this vivid imagery.


Right from the beginning there is an unhinged element to the delivery. It starts off delicately, with the fragile sample weaving its way through the dense detail. Nor does he ever let things grow too much, the focus on the lyricism is really the selling point for he possesses a tremendous confidence in the way he lays it all out. By refusing to ever pull back there is a delight to be had in its uncompromising, evil vision. He truly doubles-down on the purely unusual swirl of sounds and styles, for the beats hit with the fervour of punctuation, trying to end each verse and ultimately failing. Instead, it slowly fades out as the melody twists and contorts into its woozy finale.

“Death’s Melody” shows off Fang Su’s uncanny ability to get under the listener’s skin and make it crawl.



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