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Bby Blue indulges in a supremely sensual mix with the aptly named “Calvin Klein’s"

Bby Blue - Calvin Klein's (feat. DeEtta Jain)

Bby Blue indulges in a supremely sensual mix with the aptly named “Calvin Klein’s (feat. DeEtta Jain)”. A mixture of 80s pop, electro, R&B, and vaporwave merge together to create this airy, otherworldly creation. The whole track moves at a steady pace making sure that it wraps around the listener in the best possible way. Everything has a headiness to it, as if the song is kept in a delirious state, one that has such fine features behind it. Vocals rest at the very heart of the whole mix and the way that they intermingle, adding to the poetry, feels soothing.

Right from the beginning the hazy, dazed textures of the track are laid bare. The colors used in the melodies have a grace to them one that floats on by in wonderful gorgeous waves. With an ebb and flow that has a keen balance to it, they make sure to go hard once the vocals enter into the fray. Synth stabs add to the percussive quality of the piece. Quite deep, the low-end in particular has a polished, perfect quality to it. Full of an almost funhouse of mirrors quality, they allow their vocals to get treated and distorted in wonderful ways. Energy pours on through further adding to the surreal celebration that grips the entirety of the piece. By the finale it all melts away in way that feels truly dreamy.

“Calvin Klein’s (feat. DeEtta Jain)” shows off Bby Blue’s careful skill in creating a romantic, yearning, even passionate, world, one that celebrates a sense of pure physicality.



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