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A well-built piece of post-rock, Deleo delves deep into the psyche with “Satellite”.

Deleo – Satellite

A well-built piece of post-rock, Deleo delves deep into the psyche with “Satellite”. Everything within the sound simply stuns. The evolution of the groove, ever facing upwards, gives the sound a sense of majesty. With a slight raw grit they bring elements of shoegaze to the forefront. Best of all her vocals serve as the very backbone of the whole journey. Putting all of these different elements together results in an absolutely spellbinding atmosphere one that feels truly exquisite to behold in full. Poetic in nature the many elements intersect to create this beautiful world, one that feels doubly refreshing.

Mere whispers of sound start things off. Her vocals have a gracefulness to them with each word chosen with the utmost of care. By allowing all these elements to intersect what comes forth is a truly inspired journey. Constantly running through a whole slew of colors, the melodic flourishes work wonders. At times the gigantic scope of the piece brings to mind some of My Bloody Valentine, as there exists the same sort of expansiveness. Despite its relatively short track length for post-rock, the piece manages to contain multitudes as there is just the right amount of care and compassion brought into the entire mix. Lots of interplay amongst the band allows for there to be an intrinsic beauty, one that lets the song float above the rest of the din, allowing for a peacefulness to close things out.

“Satellite” revels in the tremendous detail of Deleo for they make a spirited progression towards a form of enlightenment.



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