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Denizen new track “Daddy” forges a sound that is distinctly their own.

Denizen – Daddy

A soulful fiery piece of country, Denizen delivers a true classic on the powerful “Daddy”. There’s a tremendous sense of heart that beats at the very core of the track. Every single player is completely free and the interplay feels fantastic. So much depth to the sound makes it so invigorating, even joyous to behold. From the strings to the drums to the vocals, they all work in unison to create something that truly feels timeless. Rooted deep in country, they also incorporate elements of traditional folk, rock, and the blues to sculpt something that is truly beautiful to behold.

Nor do they waste a moment for those strings sing strongly. Right from the onset the tone is set one where the band comes alive with a furious energy. The rhythms here possess such tremendous grace that they have a transcendent spirit, one that feels inspiring to behold. With a quality that feels similar to Henry Flynt’s avant-garde take on an ancient sound, they give the sound a bit more of a poppy flair. Lyrics here offer a poetry of sorts, one that proves to be a bit of storytelling that helps guide the piece along. All these different layers intermingle to delve into something that has a tremendous sense of place to it, for they let the sound grow to become all compassing. When they finally and fully let loose, it feels completely earned.

“Daddy” shows off the undeniable chops of Denizen as they forge a sound that is distinctly their own.

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