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Desert Bloom goes for a raw grit and soul of the decadent delirium of “Throw Me a Bone”.

Desert Bloom - Throw Me a Bone

Desert Bloom goes for a raw grit and soul of the decadent delirium of “Throw Me a Bone”. A giddy sensibility takes hold for they prove to have impeccable chops. The sense of a sun-drenched spot feels undeniable, as they draw heavily from the optimistic side of indie rock alongside a quick nod to garage rock’s freewheeling spirit. Quite clever their influences range from the Strokes’ insistence on the groove to the playfulness of Vampire Weekend’s early work. However, they make this sound uniquely their own for there is a blissfulness behind it, one that feels outright beautiful to behold.

Right from the beginning they set that tone and set it well. The guitar has a ringing persistent presence to it, helping to further add to the atmosphere. With such a great instrumental variety they allow the sound to expand out into the seemingly infinite. A community of sorts emerges from this first spark, and the rhythm is smooth, easy-going quite beautiful to fully take into the equation. Evolution of the sound adds to their profound sense of songcraft, for they let everything grow and expand in a way that gives it a laid-back natural quality. Over the course of the work they allow a bit of tension into the proceedings to it as they wash over the listener in a fantastic way, ensuring that there is a breaking free element.

“Throw Me a Bone” features an exquisite group interplay, proving Desert Bloom to be a band worth watching.



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