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Different DNA’s “Crazy Double Life” feels so timeless yet so strangely timely.

Different DNA - Crazy Double Life

A great intersection of a classic 80s spirit as filtered through a distinctly modern pop sound, Different DNA delivers something quite playful on the economical grooves of “Crazy Double Life”. Everything about this particular track gleams with such care from the melodic hooks that run rampant to the glistening plastic sheen that adorns it. Referencing everything from the Pet Shop Boys all the way into SOPHIE’s spellbinding work, there is a truly playful demeanor that underpins the whole of the journey. Rhythms take their time as well for the attention to detail results in a sound that feels fully immersive. Vocals seem to be attuned wonderfully to the swirling, whirling sound, one that has a kaleidoscopic rush behind all of it.

They let the sound build and build. Small little flourishes reverberate and upon the inclusion of the first vocals the whole of the song comes into full bloom. Rich bursts of colour feel fiery for they hold nothing back at all ensuring that the entirety of the sound rushes about in a gleeful hue. By allowing nothing to stop it, the grooves prove to be irresistible. Lyrics too further add to the sense of play, as they also bring in elements of an electro glam quality, one that has deep roots. Cresting up with such majesty, there is a brilliance to the way they let the poppy sound unfurl.

“Crazy Double Life” shows off Different DNA’s uncanny ability to craft something that feels so timeless yet so strangely timely.



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