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Dittomaster scratches that Daft Punk itch on the aggressive EDM-rock hybrid “Stranger”.

Dittomaster – Stranger

Dittomaster scratches that Daft Punk itch on the aggressive EDM-rock hybrid “Stranger”. The way he lets the sound grow feels masterful. He does not let it all out at once, he teases the groove out with such grace and style. Beyond the EDM-rock elements, he even draws a little from industrial’s grey scale beats, for the whole of the thing has a cloud-like quality. Layering different sounds on top of each other with the perfect degree of distortion helps to give the whole of the work a sweeping, cinematic feeling. Right in the very center of it are his strong vocals that have a commanding presence to them.

Right from the beginning he starts it off strong, with nods to funk adorning the groove. From there the rest of the piece gradually comes into place. Nods to 80s nostalgia kicks of Neon Indian feature prominently within the mix, ensuring there is just the right amount of edge. The expansion of the sound happens quite subtly, but it is quite a persistent take. Vocals additionally match this same level of energy, making sure that they too seem to rise up above the rest of the din. Highly addictive, the catchiness of the piece feels undeniable. A physicality of sorts helps to frame the whole of the work, as he taps into a certain feeling of club culture, one that is about togetherness even amongst strangers.

“Stranger” is one of those perfect party starters, proving Dittomaster to be a deft master of the dancefloor.



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