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Divisions "Quiet Frustrations" delivers something that radiates straight from the soul.

Divisions - Quiet Frustrations

Divisions goes for a dark-hued sense of post-punk splendour on the moody “Quiet Frustrations”. Tapping into a certain Joy Division energy, they let the song unfurl at its own stately pace. Never rushing things the atmosphere proves to be exceptionally vivid. A great deal of detail comes into the mix, for they go for a tremendous intensity to it. With an emotive approach to the whole of the thing, the guitars scream across the sky in a stellar, almost otherworldly way. Vocals fit perfectly into the mix for the entirety of the work explores every nook and cranny of the atmosphere.

Percussion introduces the track with a tactile quality. Quite quickly the song escalates into a fevered dream with the guitars zig-zagging across. When they pull back it has a romantic element, for the song’s bass has almost a dub affect to it, as there is a great deal of melody brought in within that heavy sound. Little layers flutter about as the song gradually descends into chaos once more, as the song rips itself apart in an intense rage. Lyrics have a cutting edge to them for every verse is yet another blade. Such a mournfulness ties the whole journey together as there is no hope that is infused within the whole of the piece, as the song works itself into a frenzy for the final act. The stark vocals disintegrate as they jam out into the close.

“Quiet Frustrations” shows off the deft skill of Divisions in delivering something that radiates straight from the soul.



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