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Dizmation sculpts a serene, satisfyingly spacious world with the wonderful “Sea Area Forecast”.

Dizmation - Sea Area Forecast

A life-affirming piece of work, Dizmation creates a warm, welcoming and reassuring sound on the soothing “Sea Area Forecast”. Gnarled indie rock riffs, racing shoegaze textures, and a stately presence defines the approach. The influences are too numerous to list running the gamut from My Bloody Valentine’s dilated rock bliss to Explosion in the Sky’s emotionally laden post-rock power. Layer upon layer intermingles in a way that feels distinctly his own, for his voice possess a quiet commanding presence one that neatly ties together the whole journey. Lyrics have a poetry to them for they are sung with such determination.


The drums introduce the tragic cadence of “One More Time With Feeling” for the guitars seem to sprawl into such vast space, with an almost big-band quality to it at times. Never rushing things, the song’s atmosphere is of the essence. Downtempo beats hit hard on the dramatic flourishes of “Oh The Beauty”. Vocals have a commanding presence on the gorgeous gauzy spirit of “Portal (feat. Aniela)” with the heart of the song beating strong. Easily the highlight of the album there’s a sense of purpose that propels the piece forward. Carefree to its very core “Limelight” races through swinging. Resonant strings underpin the reflective “Take It Away”. A true hybrid of so many different styles in the eclectic rush of “Humanizer” where a yearning brings the whole of the work together. Neatly bringing things to a close is the intimacy of the finale “Sight For Sore Eyes”.

Dizmation sculpts a serene, satisfyingly spacious world with the wonderful “Sea Area Forecast”.

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