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DJ Chillz adopts a lovely trance pop fusion with “Blue Skies (feat. Rachel Laizer)”.

DJ Chillz - Blue Skies (feat. Rachel Laizer)

DJ Chillz adopts a lovely trance pop fusion with “Blue Skies (feat. Rachel Laizer)”. Here there are elements reminiscent of the chill-out room music of the 90s, from Orbital to the mellower stance of the Chemical Brothers. A great deal of emotion is poured into each line, for Rachel’s delivery proves to be flawless. The arrangement works wonders for DJ Chillz keeps it gentle, making sure that the song has plenty of room to roam. By focusing on atmosphere over beats, the song seems to envelope the listener into a swirling, joyous mix. Melodies have so much depth behind them for there is an organic quality to the way that the dance floor is explored. Nor do they forget the infectious grooves that lend dance that physicality, but the song instead has a degree of thought behind it.

A grand sweeping gesture introduces the song. The mood is set quite quickly for DJ Chillz puts everything in its right place. From there the song truly begins with the inclusion of Rachel's voice. Within the lyrics, there is a sense of peace, one that has a comforting quality behind it. Infused with this adoration DJ Chillz allows the track to seemingly waft up into the infinite, making sure that every single element is explored in full. Towards the finale, the song gains a dreamy sensibility as it floats on by.

“Blue Skies (feat. Rachel Lazier)” revels in an exquisite beauty as DJ Chillz proves to be a true master of balance.



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