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Dmunsch delves into a blissed-out scope with the tremendous spirit of “Day To Day”.

Dmunsch - Day To Day

Dmunsch delves into a blissed-out scope with the tremendous spirit of “Day To Day”. Everything about it possesses pure majesty. His devotion to the classic house sound while infusing it with a bit of pop feels particularly inspired. Rich with melodic flourishes there is an intensity to the piece that gives the electronic cadence such soul. Nods to groups like Disclosure, other purveyors of that old school style, are abundant over the course of the whole piece. The concise quality of the work feels outright beautiful to behold as he ensures every single moment matters. Vocals prove to be the true icing on the cake however for they are sung with such fire behind them.

Nor does he hold anything back, as the first few moments are a delirious rush of textures. The beats have a reverence behind them for their kinetic energy is a true joy. A lot of love is poured into the piece, from the carefully selected word choice that has its own poetry to it to the way that the buildup of the sound occurs in creative masterful ways. Every little detail matters a great amount for he ensures that the whole of the sound feels wonderful, weird, even a little woozy at times. Such a living, breathing, sound he possesses a keen ear for melody for the piece seems to almost soar up into the sky.

“Day To Day” shows off the deft skill of Dmunsch on the decks, delivering a gorgeous track that washes over the listener.


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