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“Do You Feel It Too??” shows off Amey St. Cyr’s commanding presence.

Amey St. Cyr - Do You Feel It Too??

Amey St. Cyr offers up a flawlessly executed four to the floor stunner on the intense physicality of “Do You Feel It Too??” Lyrics focus on a sense of lust for they waft on through with such precision. The way she lets the whole of the track build up and shift recalls the best of the Juan MacLean’s output. Kept to the stark essentials she teases out these grooves in a way that lends them a little bit of soul, further emphasizing the yearning quality that typically underpins the best house tracks. Best of all, her style transcends any sense of time resulting in a rather classic cadence that feels joyous to behold. Volume is a definite must for this needs to be felt.

Right from the get-go the groove is set, as the nimbleness has a profound hypnotic aspect to it. Stark and minimal at first, the way she lets these many different patterns intermingle results in a full-bodied approach. Keyboard stabs further add to the majesty of the track, for there is a certain stately grandeur to the chords kept to the necessities. Her voice flows through the whole of the piece making sure it ties everything together in a way that is deeply reassuring. Little details matter a lot for the stripped-down beats add to the infectious, almost giddy, nature of the song as it revels in a certain animalistic glee.

“Do You Feel It Too??” shows off Amey St. Cyr’s commanding presence with a piece that proves her undeniable powers on the dancefloor.



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