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Done with such poise and grace, BAYWUD finds hope with the beautiful “All Together Now”.

BAYWUD - All Together Now

BAYWUD reflects upon the power of community in the timely “All Together Now”. The optimism that runs through the track feels potent given the current state of the world. Nor is the listener alone in this sense of isolation – “All Together Now” was recorded and produced remotely, in a way sympathizing quite directly with this feeling. With this little effect, the desire for closeness, for continuity of some sort rises up throughout the work of the song.

From the lyrics to simply the way the group’s interplay continues to be so strong, there is a joy to be found even from such distance. Although one might feel alone there is a spirit of solidarity that defines their lyrics and indeed the sound itself, one where the whole world is experiencing the same event and processing it together.

Right in the centre of the entire mix is the strength of BAYWUD’s voice, with each versus delivered with such passion. Classically trained, he knows how to let the song evolve in a naturalistic fashion, for the pastoral flourishes gain a stately air. However, the whole of the piece remains well-versed in popcraft, for the hooks are stunning. Lyrics here have a directness to them and his delivery is impeccable for he draws from a long line of chamber pop, ranging from Kurt Wagner’s Lambchop to even more serene yet hopeful pastures.

Done with such poise and grace, BAYWUD finds hope with the beautiful “All Together Now”.


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