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Dreamer$ Paradice emerges pure chaos on the wild unhinged work of “The Tour”.

Dreamer$ Paradice - The Tour

Dreamer$ Paradice emerges pure chaos on the wild unhinged work of “The Tour”. A whole slew of styles filter into the mix, EDM, dubstep, trap, industrial, noise, etc. Everything about it features a sense of pure defiance. Volume is a given for the song hits you as a giant slab of concrete. Notes of Death Grips and JPEGMAFIA enter into the equation to give you a sense of the intensity of the piece. By far the highlight comes from his vocals. He spits verses like pure fire for there is so much passion about the sound itself. Verses are sculpted with an incredible degree of care.

From the first rush they let you know they are not going easy on you. The layering of the sound feels fantastic. Pure animalistic energy races through all of it. Rhythms are brought to the absolute breaking point, with dollops of distortion added for fantastic effect. Bass virtually crushes everything in its path. When listening to this on a serious sound system there is an attack on the sense that adds to the track’s beguiling nature. In a car this literally rattles the whole thing, for there is a force of nature that he conjures up within the short yet heavy song. Word choice has an excellence to it, and his delivery helps to emphasize his point. Not a single moment of gentleness he goes hard into that goodnight.

Sounding like the future of hip-hop, Dreamer$ Paradice brings the listener into an absolute trance with the captivatingly odd “The Tour”.



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