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“Dreams From The Diaspora” shows off Reardon Love’s dexterity in crafting an aural universe.

Reardon Love - Dreams From The Diaspora

Reardon Love offers a bit of hope and desire for something stable on the powerful “Dreams From The Diaspora”. They take a hard look at uncomfortable truths, from the lack of stability that affects so many people, to the falsely accused who wait for their name to be cleared, all of it flows through their thought-provoking lyricism. Firmly rooted in a pop template, they offer a potpourri of styles that shift as the sheer energy behind the message changes. Initially almost a field recording, it moves into a shoegaze-socked spaciness before unfurling into a full-on righteous burn through with punk rock clarity. Best of all the lyrics underpin every single change from one suite to the next ensuring a large degree of continuity.

The quietest part of the track happens first – as they set the tone for what follows, the song takes on the distinct cadence of an elegy, of a death of the past. What follows is a mournful look at the present with its unmistakable flaws. Much of the track hovers about with this singular focus and intensity, making sure that the unflinching approach always feels well-grounded and well-versed in the current day. For the final stretch they offer a sense of hope even as the jagged edges of the sound cut everything around them, racing forward in a bright brilliant blur.

“Dreams From The Diaspora” shows off Reardon Love’s dexterity in crafting an aural universe that draws from the past while propelling so many of those old genres forward in a refreshingly new way.

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