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'Drop Down Smiling' has an undeniable ability to get the party started.

Drop Down Smiling - The Fear of Missing Out

A slinky, sultry sound resonates throughout Drop Down Smiling’s carefree “The Fear of Missing Out”. The dance rock is strong with this one, feeling reminiscent of an early 2000s spirit. With an approach that would feel perfectly at home at DFA Records, they employ funk with finesse resulting in a stellar driving groove that reigns supreme over the entirety of the track. Volume is a must for the commanding presence additionally adds to the sheer heft of the piece. Lyrics are sung with the greatest of style, for the singer has such a swaggering style about the way he lets the verses flow so freely.

Drop Down Smiling do not start things off with the groove however, they prefer to set the mood first. The deep resonant strings of the introduction give way to a giddy tempo, one that builds and builds. Sudden sharp bursts of colour filter on through into the colossal mix, for they have quite a bit of fun it letting it all go. A wild kind of energy grows over the course of the track, with the synthesizer and guitar merging into a singular intense riff. Such attention to melody and structure adds to the fevered pitch of the performance, as the song virtually crushes everything in its path. Layer upon layer further add to the ornate sensibility, as the song has a clear-eyed vision that races towards the finish.

“The Fear of Missing Out” shows off Drop Down Smiling’s undeniable ability to get the party started.



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