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Drops of Indigo picks up on a lovely Americana spirit with “Foreigner”.

Drops of Indigo – Foreigner

Drops of Indigo picks up on a lovely Americana spirit with “Foreigner”. From the western twang of the guitar to the persistent beat of the drum, it all comes together in a gorgeous way. Her voice features a great reassurance to it. Lyrics explore a whole adventure that she embarks upon one that has a kindness to it. Beyond the country debt, she brings elements of folk, the blues, even a little bit of classic rock into the sound. So much dignity and grace drips from the overall spirit of the work, for there is a power put behind it. Nods to groups like Bob Dylan, Fleet Foxes, and more enters into the equation helping to fully flesh out the sound. Highly catchy she embarks on an epic exploration of geography for the sense of wide-open spaces adds to the allure.

Instrumentally the interplay of all the many pieces makes sure that there is a sly playfulness one that highlights the power of her voice. Everything about it builds and builds up into the sky. Keyboards have a glowing aspect to it, for their work feels rather wonderful. So much swirling about happens, adding to the dazed quality of the piece. Full of so much heart the way that they grow the sound on up becomes majestic. Her vocals have a fantastic aspect to it for it features a truly beautiful, delicate balance.

“Foreigner” features the exquisite kindness of Drops of Indigo while they create a universe that has a soothing ode to it.



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