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Duvy Burston’s message lingering in the mind long after the track has ended.

Duvy Burston - To the Dust

Duvy Burston mixes dub, R&B, and pop into an eloquent ballad on the beautiful “To the Dust”. With strong nods to early James Blake, the piece unfurls at its own pace. Headphones and good speakers are a must for the sound design has a lush quality to it. Bass frequencies in particular are finely tuned and acutely balanced to match the cadence of his voice. His voice itself is its own instrument for the way he slowly but surely raises his volume, and the entirety of the piece, feels outright majestic with its intense study, all of it filtered through in its own unique and satisfying way.

A hushed awe opens the track with reverence. From there, that initial spark is slowly and steadily fed. Out from the sonic ether comes an entire groove one with such pastoral beauty behind it. Piano chords prove to be a great touch as they draw just a little from the past helping to give the song a sense of timelessness. Patterns here have a perfection to them as the rhythms are light yet subtle. Building the sound out adds to its emotional impact for his voice at times soars up into the heavens, with a strong sense of confidence. So much hope and love are brought into the mix further adding to its comforting presence for it has a strength to it.

“To the Dust” radiates a sense of pure love, with Duvy Burston’s message lingering in the mind long after the track has ended.

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