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Echezona goes hard with the pure swagger of “TMH (feat. JPRiZM)”.

Echezona – TMH (feat. JPRiZM)

Echezona goes hard with the pure swagger of “TMH (feat. JPRiZM)”. Confidence radiates throughout the whole of the track. Despite its short length the number of hooks found within are quite delirious. Layer upon layer gets filtered into the fray for there is an intrinsic beauty to be found within the entirety of the experience. Production has a glossy sheen to it. Bass frequencies rumble on through. Going deep into the red at times everything about it works itself into a pure frenzy. Almost a kaleidoscopic array of colors and melodies enter into the mix. Verses have a sharp, cutting edge to it. Done with such fire they pour their heart into the track adding to its sheer density, for each evolution of the groove adds to its intensity.

Right from the beginning the beats take front and center stage. Upon the inclusion of the vocals however things start off in earnest. They ride the beat with such ease it feels almost effortless. With this demeanor unwavering in its devotion the song gets down to exploring so much. Understanding the concept of what it means to be real they dissect those who try to mask their real intentions, making one of the better bars on the entire piece. Nor do they overstay their welcome they linger just long enough to make their point and then simply have the song fade on out.

“TMH (feat. JPRiZM)” shows off the deft delivery of Echezona in nimbly exploring a life lived to the absolute fullest.



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