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Edge Of Desire holds nothing back on the visceral “Internet’s Children”.

Edge Of Desire - Internet's Children

Edge Of Desire holds nothing back on the visceral “Internet’s Children”. A pure enthralling assault on the senses theirs is a sound that plays loud, oh so loud. They keep things to the essentials but the noisy groove is habit-forming, as it cycles on through with small touches further adding to its stately presence. With a nice dance-rock cadence to it, they turn the distortion way up until they transform the sound into a pure force of nature. References abound, but perhaps none as clearly as Death From Above 1979’s threatening early work. From the whole way they build up the rhythm there is a sense of existential dread that allows it to continue onward.

Minimal yet strangely maximal at the same time for the beginning, they have a stark, brutal reality to the way they bring it all home. By allowing these elements to sort of bounce off each other they create this aural ecosystem, one which seems to constantly grow. Vocals perfectly match the overall tenor, with their dry detached delivery transforming into something much closer, much more intense. Throughout the whole of the track there is an urgency that begins to grow. With so much tension they let that build on up, getting little flourishes to enter the fray, wisping about until it reaches a fevered pitch in the very final moments of the piece.

“Internet’s Children” features Edge Of Desire’s razor-sharp clarity in creating a universe that has a bit of defiance and the devil to it.



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