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Eleanor Idlewood rushes through gorgeous 80s dancefloor arpeggios.

Eleanor Idlewood - Akito's Madness

Eleanor Idlewood rushes through gorgeous 80s dancefloor arpeggios with the ambient trance of “Akito’s Madness”. A lot to love here, from the simple yet effective groove whose hypnotic qualities are undeniable to the light gentle percussion that underpins it. The song itself is a true trip as the expansive nature of the piece, alongside its own delicate evolution, results in something that swirls around the listener. References abound, both for the old school style they utilize perfectly to the current revivalists, for there is a distinct DFA Records sheen to the sound. One can hear echoes of the Juan MacLean’s own carefully crafted textures. However, by excluding a vocalist they manage to create their own unspoken narrative which ties the song together.

Immediately the song has a warmth to it thanks in large part to Eleanor’s insistence on that ancient, soulful sound. From there the atmosphere becomes quite heady indeed. Swirling about with its own sense of majesty and grandeur, theirs has a kindness about it. Slowly but surely they build the whole approach out, giving it a symphonic stretch to it. By expanding the work seemingly into the infinite there is a grace to be discovered. Allowing for a bit of ebb and flow they imbue the song with so much life, for the piece results in a great final sweep one that feels in particular well earned given the unusual twists and turns of the track.

“Akito’s Madness” proves to be a truly all-consuming sound, one that revels in Eleanor Idlewood’s exquisite attention to detail.


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