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Electro Pop With Alan Dreezer.

Electro pop singer/songwriter Alan Dreezer is currently building up to the release of his sophomore album titled ‘H E A L E D.’ He has already released five singles that will be featured on the project, and they are all magnificent. ‘On this album you’re going to hear some of my most positive upbeat songs ever,' explains Dreezer. He is absolutely right. The five tracks he has already released have a great feeling to them and lead me to expect great things from the full-length album. One such single is ‘Equal.’ The beat fades in and out and the background music pulses. Alan’s vocals come through with the lyrics about the sort of love he desires: a love that is equal to his. It is a powerful culmination of elements that make for a powerful, upbeat song. ‘But It Does’ is another great example of the album's bouncy feel. The chorus feels like summer and radiates with a zest that is so refreshing.

Alan delivered an incredible album the first time around and I think this upcoming one will be just as energetic and exciting. I have gotten a lot out of the first five singles and I know that the rest will be just as riveting. The full album 'H E A L E D' will be released on 21st September. FOLLOW Alan Dreezer:

For now, check out the single 'Equal' from the upcoming album:



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