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Elektric Animals enter into a sultry, decadent sound on the tremendous scope of “Want You”.

Elektric Animals - Want You

Elektric Animals enter into a sultry, decadent sound on the tremendous scope of “Want You”. With neat ties back to such classic groups like the Velvet Underground, there is a sense of excess that defines the track. From the oversaturated sound that wants to burst apart to the commanding presence of the vocalist it all comes together in a wonderful, wild way. Layer upon layer filters into the fray for they let things get heavy, though they never rush things. Mood is of the essence with this message, as the yearning detail of the verses feels potent, heady even in a sense. By featuring so much desire into the equation the song has a loveliness alongside more animalistic impulses. Volume is a must for this is a sound that needs to be felt as much as heard.

Right from the beginning they hold nothing back, for the industrial churn gives way to a taut funk. The drums have an emotional quality to them, perfectly in sync with the svelte bass. Guitars enter into the fray further adding to the dazzling display of colour. Distortion proves to be the true leader, as it weighs heavily on the whole track. When they pull back that intensity is still there making sure it has a graciousness to it. The sheer escapism of the piece proves to be perfect, for the joy of the sound comes from how easy it is to get lost in the dense mix.

“Want You” shows off the deft skill of Elektric Animals in crafting a sound that feels positively timeless.

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