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Eleri Ward’s voice is a soothing summery breeze on the effortlessly joyful “Mess”.

Eleri Ward – Mess

Eleri Ward’s voice is a soothing summery breeze on the effortlessly joyful “Mess”. A lovely mixture of folk and pop balladry, she delves into a sense of soulfulness. Lyrics here are chosen with the greatest of care. Rather than say “get it together” she chooses “why not embrace the mess”. There is a liberating feeling by picking that path by not feeling ashamed to simply live life without guilt. With an arrangement that has a tailor-suited quality to it, adorning every verse with such compassion, the whole of the track has an intrinsic beauty to it all. Her voice contains multitudes for she expresses her emotions with such clarity as they speak universal truths.

The gentle cadence of the guitar gracefully falls into place, neatly punctuating the power of each of her words. With a hushed awe to it, the song begins with a 70s singer-songwriter ethos to it, as the piece feels lighter than air at first. Upon the inclusion of the beats into the fray the song moves directly into the present. Everything here has a celebratory spirit to it for the embrace of the unknown has a kindness to it. A sort of reflectiveness to the sound grows and elaborates upon the initial theme. Production has a polished perfection to it, lush yet at the same time surprisingly intimate in terms of bringing everything together.

“Mess” proves to be one of those unique pieces of work, proving Eleri Ward to be a deft examiner of the very human condition.

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