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Elina Filice Returns With a Dynamic Dive Into a New Sound With “Thinking of You”

With funky guitar licks, an infectious beat, and a stuck-in-your-head chorus, Elina Filice returns with a memorable spoken word/hip-hop track that marks her dive into a new sound. "Thinking of You '' is a genre-defying track that melds pop and funk influences with modern hip-hop sounds, while still full of Elina’s signature thoughtful lyrics, catchy hooks, and strong storytelling. The track is the first single off of her upcoming second EP, and is an exciting insight into a new direction for the singer/songwriter.

Elina says, “The song began as a spoken word piece. Then the chorus and beat came into my head, and I thought the pairing might just work.” Elina made the demo on her own, and then brought it to Kevin Brennan (Wavefarm Productions), where the pair fell down a deep production rabbit hole. She says, “Kevin understood my vision and helped the track come alive and reach its full potential.”

The song represents a new direction for her music, as well as the upcoming EP. She says, “I’ve never been able to commit to a genre. I take influences from my early days playing guitar in jazz band, a love for poetry and expression and also a dirty beat. No matter which direction things go in, The important thing to me is that it still sounds like me. Guitar-driven, melodic, with a real focus on the honesty and angst of the singer/songwriter in me. And all of my music is gonna carry themes of travel, adventure, movement and love.”

She says, “Lyrically it’s very personal. Like yes duh it's about a breakup, but for me that's just a vessel that carries an ocean within it. As a hopeful romantic, love is the frame, the context in which I’ve had all these other experiences and learned so much about myself and about life. Our lives are built within these frameworks in which we experience everything else.

So really the song is about searching the world and then running into yourself, it's about regret, about being torn in half, it's about wondering if I’m learning from my mistakes. It’s looking at myself and being like, haven't I been here before, why am I here again? And how our lives just really run around in circles. It’s about learning that trying to live a creative life and follow your dreams often means sacrificing other comforts. I wrote the song in my first few months in Dublin. I had gone back to Canada for Christmas, so there were moments of wondering why I’d left at all, what it was that I was chasing, and the loneliness that I felt.”

Born to Canadian parents, Elina spent her formative years in Singapore before moving to Canada to attend University. In September 2017 she moved to Dublin to pursue music more seriously, and completed a Diploma in Songwriting at BIMM. She quickly integrated into the Dublin music scene, and decided it was the right place for her to keep developing as an artist. She has released an EP and several singles, performs regularly around Dublin both solo and with her band, The Kicks, and is currently pursuing a Diploma in Music Business at BIMM. In Spring 2019 she founded Red Vine Music, a coaching and consulting service that helps artists and creative businesses with digital marketing, social media, and content strategies.


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