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Elizabeth II holds nothing back on the feral spirit of “All My Failures”.

Elizabeth II - All My Failures

Elizabeth II holds nothing back on the feral spirit of “All My Failures”. Hard rock with an attitude she burns through the entirety of the piece with such urgency. Rhythms are brought to their breaking point for the beats hit hard and with such ferocity. By far the very heart comes from her commanding chaotic vocals that possess their own theatrical quality. The gnarled guitar riffs are woven together in a way that feels absolutely wonderful to behold and their chops are unparalleled. Her lyricism seems to be shouted at the top of her lungs, as the song explores a sense of complete and total freedom.

They jump right into it as the song starts off in the middle of things. No buildup they simply dive into a colossal cacophony. Layers of sound try to drench, to absolutely cover, the sheer power of her voice but to no avail. Her delivery has a fiery, fierce presence to it as it all rushes forward never stopping. With no respite from the ensuing activity, the swirling, whirling spirit feels pitch-perfect in how it all comes together in this unique giddiness. For the final stretch the guitars are let loose to feast upon the rest of the sound, making sure that they are completely rebellious. Thus, for the finish, they simply increase the intensity exponentially for the finale has an almost psychedelic gleam.

“All My Failures” features the intrepid unique spirit of Elizabeth II in delivering something that has a wide-eyed crazed quality to it.



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