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Ely deftly exploring the yearning that defines the navigation of friendships, relationships.

Ely – Bad Thing

Ely goes for a sly summer jam with the sundrenched “Bad Thing”. A muscular sort of sound, the way it hits feels perfect. His voice immediately has a flirtatious quality to it with every single verse balanced for the maximum amount of care. Beats have a crisp nimbleness to them as they hit with an emotional resonance. The song definitely fits into a pop template, with elements of R&B, hip-hop, and a nod to funk adding to the sense of light. So much colour radiates throughout the entirety of the thing as there is an intrinsic beauty to the way it all unfurls graciously.

The song starts off on a gentle note, as the small gestures begin to get amplified. His voice has a casual cool to it, and the delivery feels akin to talking with a friend. An intimacy rests right at the centre of the whole thing for it has a spirited presence to it. Yes, this is a party song, but a party among a small group of friends for there is a joy that comes from knowing every single person at a party. Done with such elegance and taste, his jazzy guitar affect offers small nods to Mac DeMarco’s skillful nimble riffs. Nor does it ever become overbearing – it keeps that initial sweet impulse and simply elaborates upon it in a way that soothes the soul.

“Bad Thing” has a timeless sort of loveliness to it, with Ely deftly exploring the yearning that defines the navigation of friendships, relationships, and deeper connections.



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