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Emanuel Brown’s “Expen$ive (feat. Sarey Savy, Kingdow)” goes for a dark brooding sense of beauty.

Emanuel Brown - Expen$ive (feat. Sarey Savy, Kingdow)

Emanuel Brown goes for a seemingly endless flow full of confidence and swagger with the pure fire of “Expen$ive (feat. Sarey Savy, Kingdow). Lyrical prowess done perfectly the entirety of the track swirls around in a fantastic eerie haze. Done to absolute perfection the beats hit with a sense of fury as the vocals stun with their intense edge. Right in the periphery the melodic fragment of the sound twists and turns around, keeping the tension up high as the rest of the piece gradually falls into place. Bass too rumbles through as the low-end is carefully crafted in a way that has a physical energy to it.

The song opens up with a haunted affect for the way it winds through the rest of the sound gently falls into place. With the drop of the first beat the song begins in earnest, as the vocals weave their way through the massive grooves. Hip-hop, trap, and more are filtered into the fray resulting in a fine array of colour. Name-dropping with gleeful abandon they go for a hint of the playful while the words twist their way around, building up in a way that feels simply soothing. Fully immersed in the world they reflect upon what all these literal things mean, the status symbols and exactly why they have so much value attached to them, becoming objects of pure adoration.

Full of tremendous power Emanuel Brown’s “Expen$ive (feat. Sarey Savy, Kingdow)” goes for a dark brooding sense of beauty.

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