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“Embarrassed to Know Ya” proves Talitha to be an exceptional storyteller.

Talitha - Embarrassed to Know Ya

A sun-drenched, Balearic style frames the whole of Talitha’s summery sound of “Embarrassed to Know Ya”. Her approach touches upon Animal Collective’s “Merriweather Post Pavilion” period with a futuristic R&B flair. The hooks are aplenty for the poppy inclination of the track is undeniable as she draws the listener into her own unique sonic universe, one that possesses such honesty behind it. The arrangement adds to the overall buoyancy of her voice. So light, bright, and airy there is a positivity to the whole track, one that revels in a sense of play. Lyrics bite hard as they have a giddy sort of cadence to it. Full of a tremendous amount of detail it is easy to get lost in the gorgeous swirl of the sounds, while she brings in such vibrant colour into the mix.

Right from the beginning the song has a far-off distant quality to it. The way it comes into view feels outright splendid as the song quickly focuses. Her voice has a carefree attitude to it one completely unattached to the problems of the world. Melodically vibrant the melody proves to be so infectious as there is a playfulness to it one that has a swagger behind it. Volume is a must for the sound deserves to be felt as much as heard. By having a bit of a defiant edge, the whole of the track unfurls in a way that feels quite natural.

“Embarrassed to Know Ya” proves Talitha to be an exceptional storyteller.



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