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Emmet Glascott - Irish producer has a bright future ahead

With inspiration from artists such as Kygo, Avicii, and Calvin Harris, Emmet creates his own distinctive and original music. His latest release "Sorry" is upbeat and rhythmic, while also being emotional and melancholic. Without a doubt, Emmet Glascott has a bright future ahead of him and is quickly becoming one of the top Irish producers in 2020. The song “Sorry” has been signed to “DaCosta Records,” which is owned by DJ Louise DaCosta. The song is an exciting insight into what other masterpieces he will create for us, music lovers.

His first single, “Take Me to Paradise” has clocked in almost fifty thousand streams.

Emmet is a talented songwriter who learned to play the acoustic guitar after being inspired by songwriters such as Ed Sheeran. His new song "Sorry" reveals his emotional side; the lyrics portray someone apologizing for his mistakes and making his lover cry. This song is proof that men can say sorry, admit they are wrong, and that they hurt someone else. "One word can hurt/One heart can break/Be careful what you say, it resonates/ Broken down words cut in deep."

This is a anthem of a breakup song, relatable by all those who have been in a similar situation. We have all fought with loved ones and said things we didn't mean. I think the message here is to not let passion drive you to say things that you can't take back, and to be careful with the things you love.


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