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“Enemy Mine” deserves to be played as loudly as possible.

Roadkeeper - Enemy Mine

Roadkeeper updates an acid-fried psychedelic rock with the heady “Enemy Mine”. The song has a far-out take, as the guitars seemingly soar into the sky. Beyond the undeniable debt to psychedelic rock, they also bring a bit of post-rock’s symphonic grandeur into the mix. A hypnotic sort of trance emerges out of the cerebral bent of the rhythm, as it grows and evolves in unexpectedly gorgeous ways. Layer upon layer filters into the fray as the song becomes increasingly heavier and heavier with each reiteration of the groove.

The blurred vision of the beginning helps to set the tone. From these dense layers elements of melody emerge. Nods to Pink Floyd’s sort of paranoid tripping runs through much of the piece, as the keyboards have a distorted, decayed way about them. Upon the inclusion of the tribal drums a sort of intensity suddenly crests. Guitar work here has a finely sculpted edge to them. Lyrics have a broken form of poetry to them for they explore mood with such power. Sprawling with their sheer muscle, the way the piece progresses and expands feels outright soothing. By allowing these many elements to filter into the fray the song becomes an unwieldy beast. Everything about the group’s interplay feels truly inspired as they work as a singular entity, playing off each other’s strengths. For the final stretch they allow a sense of pure chaos to emerge as the initial structure of the song is torn asunder.

“Enemy Mine” deserves to be played as loudly as possible for Roadkeeper has a physical presence to their performance.



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