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Enoka proves a joyous piece of pop on the infectious EDM hit of “More Than Friends”.

Enoka - More Than Friends

Enoka proves a joyous piece of pop on the infectious EDM hit of “More Than Friends”. Lyricism here takes front and center stage from which all else flows. Fire and passion pour out of each verse. By taking on such a powerful stance, the rest of the sound serves to only accentuate the strength of Enoka’s delivery. Stylistically rooted in pop, elements of dance, R&B, soul, and more enter into the equation giving the entirety of the work a well-rounded quality. Volume is a given for nothing about this track is quiet it blares its message loud and proud.

A bright brilliant burst of energy starts things up. Constantly evolving with its impeccable groove there is a driving sensibility to the rhythm. Everything about it features a tremendous care to it one that feels absolutely wonderful. Her attention to detail means that small flourishes matter a great deal reverberating out into the seemingly infinite. Bouncing with an intense urgency the song stuns for it constantly grows and grows. By allowing it to expand out into the infinite the rest of the sound feels gorgeous. Melodies ring out into for they neatly dovetail with the cleverness of the tempos themselves. Her voice has a force of nature to it, for she makes sure to never deviate from this singular style. For the final rush there is a sense of wildness, one where she truly lets loose.

“More Than Friends” features a grandeur, for Enoka employs a symphonic flourish to her careful storytelling about relationships.



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