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Ericky offers a silky-smooth sound on the luxurious R&B of “All you need”.

Ericky - All you need

Ericky offers a silky-smooth sound on the luxurious R&B of “All you need”. A futuristic take on the sound everything about it has a living, breathing aspect. The atmosphere has a power to it. No beats are even needed on here for her ethereal vocals truly carry the entire thing, though they do appear in a very limited sense. By letting it all loose there is a grandeur to it one that feels outright celebratory. Everything within the sound has a grace about it. Melodies shimmer and shine within the small confines of the sound. Despite the oftentimes experimental nature of the approach, it has an accessible quality about it.

Right from the beginning there is a bit of a liveliness to it, one that allows the piece to truly expand into the very mind. By allowing this piece of cleverness to take shape it all seemingly merges into this cohesive, highly focused entirety. Voice becomes a critical textural element, even as there are pieces that still contain melodic themes to it. Nods to the Beach Boys’ unique style definitely appear throughout, as does a sense of unyielding optimism. Quite a neat mixture of hope, peace, and looking towards the future there is a sense of bliss around the entirety of the whole thing. For the final stretch of the work it all sprawls out into the seemingly infinite.

“All you need” revels in the tremendously powerful vocalizations that Ericky brings to the forefront over the course of the whole work.



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