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Etoile Marley presents: "The Hunt"

March 2022 - Etoile Marley is a recording artist and songwriter with a passion for making genre-bending music. Her music is all about combining a wide range of styles and influences, ultimately achieving a very original sound that’s definitely more accomplished and emotional than the sum of the parts. Her most recent work, "The Hunt", is all about creating a much deeper connection with the audience by way of some relatable vocal hooks and great melodies. The rhythm is engaging and fun, while there is also a good dose of natural emotion to the performance, allowing the listeners to enjoy a much deeper connection.

As they say, every new piece of music is a story waiting to be heard. Discovering new songs is a great way to get an insight into a different world, a distinctive personality that makes an artist’s vision so special and one-of-a-kind. With "The Hunt", Etoile managed to fill up the hearts and minds of the audience with a fantastic and innovative approach, which speaks volumes about her creativity. Find out more about Etoile Marley, and do not miss out on "The Hunt". This release is currently available to stream and download. Check out Etoile Marley's website for more info:



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