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Etoile Marley sings from a life of experience on the poignant new EP LockItDown

Etoile Marley – LockItDown EP

Etoile Marley delves into a sly seductive sound on the polished pop perfection of “LockItDown”. Her voice is a sheer force of nature and she delivers each line with such passion. Pure fire runs through the entirety of the EP. A noir quality ties it all together, whether she chooses to incorporate industrial, dub, jazz, and more into a singular sound that is distinctly hers. Gestures are chosen with the utmost of care for the hooks are infectious in a dark beautiful way. Layer upon layer filters into the fray resulting in a virtual kaleidoscope of ever-moving colors, ones that seem to waft up into the air.

By far the highlight of the EP comes from the colossal title track and opener “LockItDown”. Here she brings on a colossal jazz riff and teases it out over the course of the track. Vocals and horns spit pure fire in a way that feels joyous. The celebratory spirit even leads the way over the fine piano work whose melody has a stately sense of grandeur. Easily the highlight comes from Etoile Marley’s voice, which shifts from hip-hop to R&B in a way that feels so natural. Stark minimalism defines the churn of “Run 4 U” where the piece has an angelic hue to it. “Do You (OohLaLa)” features flawless execution with a spacious soothing stance. Giddiness brings the EP to a close with the playful “Rollercoaster”.

Sung with a tremendous swagger Etoile Marley sings from a life of experience on the poignant “LockItDown”.


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