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“Everyone Else” shows off Kylie Rothfield’s uncanny ability to create lush, wonderful hooks.

Kylie Rothfield - Everyone Else

Kylie Rothfield goes for a sweet, sprawling sound on the powerful “Everyone Else”. Layers intermingle to further elaborate upon the initial theme. By allowing these many elements to play off each other there is a sense of beauty to create something quite wonderful. Easy the heart of the song is her confident, soaring voice. The lyrics here have a gorgeousness to it, for every single verse is chosen with the greatest of care. Stylistically she incorporates pieces of electro, EDM, pop and more into the mix to create something stunning in scope.

The song begins in a wonderful whisper, for her voice has an intimacy to it. Little flourishes gradually come into the fray, evolving in a way that gives the song a living, breathing aspect to it ensuring that there is not a moment wasted. At first teasing out the groove, when the beat drops it drops hard. With a wonderful driving pulse, they opt for a sense of majesty as the rest of the work unspools in ways that feels quite gorgeous. Bursting at the seams there is a power behind it one that propels it forward. Anthemic right in the very center of the piece, the way that she slowly takes this groove apart to revel in the power of her voice once again adds to the journey-like quality that she employs to great power. When it all fades out, all that is left is that careful piano work and the fragility of her voice.

“Everyone Else” shows off Kylie Rothfield’s uncanny ability to create lush, wonderful hooks.



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