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Everything but the Everything goes for a regal indie rock sound on “Jump”.

Everything but the Everything – Jump

Everything but the Everything goes for a regal indie rock sound on “Jump”. With strong nods to Interpol’s early 2000s work, the piece has a rich, heavy sound. This is the sort of approach that feels ideally suited for arenas for it is truly that completely massive. Vocals swims through the din in a way that adds to the beguiling nature of the piece. One of the nicest parts of the sound comes from that rhythm section, that brings together elements of post-punk and dance-rock into a coherent whole. I find the bass to be doubly impressive as it is subtle yet significantly anchors much of the work.

Hooks aplenty emerge right in the first few seconds. Lyricism proves to be quite opaque for the rest of the sound has this expansive, seemingly endless take on the sound. Atmospherically it is easy to get lost within all of the twists and turns of the exceptional piece. Best of all the song seems to constantly build upon itself resulting in something truly remarkable. Ensuring that they keep focused on that groove, the song features this driving tempo to it, suggesting an endless open territory. Quite carefully they do let the sound evolve in a steady, considered fashion one that feels doubly refreshing. Within the rest of the work they make sure there is the right degree of detail one that lets those small yet satisfying sweet flourishes truly bloom.

“Jump” revels in the exquisite riffs and overall, expertly crafted sound of Everything but the Everything.



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