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“Everything” shows off the intrepid skill of Near Death Experience (NDX).

Near Death Experience (NDX) – Everything

Near Death Experience (NDX) bring the blues into the modern day on the life-affirming sound of “Everything”. By far the true heart and soul comes from the incredible vocalist, who belts out each lyric up into the heavens. His sheer strength and powerful delivery are beautiful to behold. Lyrics are chosen with care for every word is selected for the absolute maximum impact. A mixture of old and new styles filters into the mix giving it a timelessness. There is a tremendous spirit behind the performance as it all swirls and churns about in a cyclical, hypnotic trance like state.

Drums introduce the piece with their fantastic rhythms. Guitars join in and even the instrumental richness proves to be too much to handle at first. A groove takes shape with the bass lumbering on through with its own sense of life. Lyrics focus upon a sense of being overwhelmed by it all as the sound is virtually bursting at the seams. Various elements filter in and out of the mix further adding to its incredible journey that it documents with so much care and consideration. When they do employ a break down, they do so with such grace. The yearning that defines the track, the sense of trying to know yet remaining in the dark, all of this feels acutely documented.

“Everything” shows off the intrepid skill of Near Death Experience (NDX) in crafting a sprawling universe that feels uniquely their own.



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