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“Fading Blue (feat. Cassidy Ford)” creates a lovely atmosphere that wraps around the listener.

Angus Quinn - Fading Blue (feat. Cassidy Ford)

A soothing slice of folk and Americana, Angus Quinn dives into a beautiful, blissful world with “Fading Blue (feat. Cassidy Ford)”. Never overwhelming, their gentle delicate nature recalls a bit of early Elliott Smith in terms of its spare yet soulful style. The hushed awe that dominates the entirety of the piece has such depth to it for the guitars and the backing arrangement feels altogether joyous to behold. There is a yearning within the lyrics too, one that focuses upon the way that memory seems to gradually get washed away with each new life cycle.

Right from the get-go, the mood is set. Delicate with its melodies the way the song evolves gives it a stunning take, one that feels so serene to behold. From there the rest of the band gradually comes into view, with no one element ever taking control. Instead, there is a communal presence that wafts on through the whole of the piece. While there is a pining for something more, for the past, there is also a sense of peace that defines the work. Perhaps it is the steady and assured vocals that make it such an undeniably soothing piece or the way that the tempo never increases. The whole of the work has a centring spirit, one where they employ a meditative moment, as the vocals intertwine to create something full of compassion.

“Fading Blue (feat. Cassidy Ford)” shows off Angus Quinn’s uncanny ability to create a lovely atmosphere that wraps around the listener.



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